Hardwood floor refinishing


Hardwood Floor Refinishing Vaughan

Alliance Floor Source can provide the necessary assistance to revive those old wood floors of yours. Being of the top rated supplier and installer of hardwood floors in Vaughan we are also experts in refinishing hardwood floors. Our expertise is to refresh any kind of refinishable wood floor so that you can have a new colour and sheen on the floors. We are a well known name in the Vaughan region for providing top quality services of floor installation, refinishing and repair.

Beautifully done refinished wood floors not only look and feel great, but are also a snap to maintain and can easily last a lifetime.

There is no doubt that the hardwood flooring which is elegant and classic in nature has remained the first choice of both architects and homeowners since time immemorial. Wooden floors are very attractive, and they also last long. However, it is inevitable that they become worn out because life happens on them. If well taken care of, a solid hardwood floor will serve for many generations.

Hardwood Refinishing Vaughan

Therefore if your current wooden floors need refinishing or you are looking to improve the appearance of your floors, then Alliance Floor Source is just right for you. As long as the condition of your wood floors allow quality refinishing, because not all hardwood floors can actually be properly refinished, our technicians are skilled to transform it into an amazing functional and beautiful new floor. In addition, we make sure that the work is carried out as soon as possible and with minimal inconvenience to your routine.

Finest Wood Floor Refinishing Vaughan

Our objective is to give your tired wood floors a facelift and let them be the cool and up to date floors, like when you first acquired them.




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Our Wood Floor Refinishing Process

With the course of time, wood floors are damaged because furniture legs are dragged over them or heavy objects can be dropped on the floor and this way scratches and dents may appear in it. Before a refinish, our team will take a look at your floors in order to assess the damage that needs to be repaired.

The refinish process starts by sanding your wood floor to establish a fresh and raw surface. Our experts understand the types of sandpapers appropriate for specific jobs. We use finer sandpapers to remove any remaining scratches and then screen the floor. We clean the floor well before we apply the chosen stain (if a colour other than Natural is desired and selected) and after several coats of a high quality brand name water based varnish. No smell like in the olden days of oil based varnishes. It should be noted that although the water based varnish will feel dry to the touch in 5 – 6 hours, the curing process takes several (3 - 4) days depending on the conditions in the home.

Alliance Floor Source provides the highest quality wood floor refinishing service for commercial and residential spaces. We possess complete knowledge of all wood species – their grain, color, and veining.

The overall décor and appearance that you want to achieve often determines your colour and sheen level choice for the hardwood flooring. When you deal with us, you can rest assured that your valuable floor is being dealt with by the right people. We realize that not every site finished hardwood floor has to be completely sanded back to raw wood. In case of no damages and only minor scratches and/or dents, a basic buff and re-coat maybe all it takes to bring back the original beauty of your hardwood floor.

In addition, we use only premium-grade stains specifically formulated to penetrate and seal the wood whilst adding a rich colour. These are long-lasting surface finishes, water-resistant and protective. The water based varnishes we use are generally available in gloss, semi-gloss, satin and matte finishes.

Premium-Quality Hardwood Flooring Vaughan

But if what you are looking for is the ultimate finishing material that will make your house stand out then this is the place to stop. If you need flooring, Alliance Floor Source is your one-stop destination. We offer total flooring solutions from delivery of the best quality flooring to installing it according to your choice. We carry a wide variety of solid hardwood flooring, engineered wood flooring, and other popular types of floor materials. Our best seller in the range of hardwood flooring is available with a smooth and wire-brushed finish. Being a home owner, a contractor or a business person we have the best flooring solutions for all our Customers. We offer the most exclusive collection of hardwood flooring selection that will be able to make your home very inviting and elegant.

At Alliance Floor Source, we are passionate about wood flooring. For us, the process of flooring is an art form that can enhance the beauty, as well as the functionality of any home. As an established hardwood flooring company in the GTA, we take great pride in helping to create luxury hardwood interiors. Our strategy lies in acquiring the best possible quality hardwood floors from quality manufactures and providing the most competent installers to create aesthetically appealing environments. Our business is founded on innovation and creativity. Our products are budget friendly while providing high performance when installed by us.

In addition to offering a large assortment of hardwood flooring products from multiple high quality suppliers, we also perform installation of all floors we sell. Being the most reliable flooring company in Vaughan, we always complete projects to the best possible standard. Our professional installers will install your hardwood flooring the right way ensuring that you will enjoy your investment for many years to come. We are committed to delivering the best quality hardwood at an affordable cost. What better way to make it a reality than by contacting us when you are motivated by an image on a magazine or even social media?