Bio sustainable

Naturally made, visually striking.

Bionatural is 100% natural and fossil plastic-free

Bionatural boasts a 100% natural composition, completely devoid of fossil plastic. Harnessing an innovative bio core alongside cutting-edge printing technology, it achieves lifelike designs with unparalleled precision.

With the culmination of four years of dedicated research and development, Bionatural stands as a testament to Amorim’s unwavering commitment to crafting the most environmentally friendly and sustainable flooring solution available.

Beneath the wear layer

Bionatural offers a bio core made of cork, sugar cane waste, and natural materials

Bionatural presents a revolutionary bio core composed of cork, sugar cane waste, and other natural materials, boasting a renewable content exceeding 95%.

Utilizing biobased and biodegradable polymers, Bionatural significantly reduces carbon emissions compared to traditional polymers. Amorim’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its meticulous sourcing process, ensuring that all materials are obtained from conscientious suppliers.

The Bionatural range features captivating visuals inspired by cork, wood, and stone, offering a diverse selection to suit various aesthetic preferences.

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Being part of the solution

Respect for nature guides every product

At the heart of every product Amorim create lies a profound reverence for nature. Our mission is to craft flooring solutions that prioritizes environmental preservation, and Bionatural exemplifies this dedication.

The core of Bionatural embodies the principles of a circular economy, making strides in combating climate change. By incorporating cork sourced from sustainable cork oak forests and repurposing sugar cane waste, we effectively manage waste streams while promoting renewable resources. Furthermore, our commitment to sustainability is underscored by Bionatural's complete absence of fossil plastics, thus reducing dependence on non-renewable materials.

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